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Smoky Quartz Pendants
Smoky Quartz Pendants

Smoky Quartz Pendants

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Raw Smoky Quartz Crystal Pendant Necklace.

Handmade item
Raw stone
Closure: Lobster claw
Adjustable length

Description :

Protection: Powerful protective stone, deflecting and absorbing negative energies, psychic attacks, and electromagnetic radiation.

Grounding: Strong grounding properties, anchoring and stabilizing one's energy to the Earth.

Purification: Purifies and cleanses one's energy field, dispelling negativity and promoting inner strength.

Emotional Support: Aids in alleviating feelings of fear, anxiety, and stress.

Chakra Alignment: Often associated with the root chakra for grounding and stability.

  • Use and Placement:

  • Place in your home, office, or near electronic devices to absorb electromagnetic radiation.

  • Wear as jewellery for personal protection and grounding.

  • Use in meditation to enhance security and connection to the Earth.

  • Combine with other crystals for specific healing purposes.

  • Cautions:

  • Requires regular cleansing and recharging as it can absorb negative energies.

  • Its powerful energy may be intense for some individuals, so use it gradually and trust your intuition.

 Raw Smoky Quartz and silver plated or gold plated metal

 Comes with a leather cord.

Cord has an adjustable end with a 5cm extension and lobster clasp.

The Cord is a max length of 45cm.

Your crystal may vary in shape and size as they are all different and made from mother earth. 

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