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Lemurian Quartz Pendant
Lemurian Quartz Pendant
Lemurian Quartz Pendant
Lemurian Quartz Pendant

Lemurian Quartz Pendant

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Raw Lemurian Quartz Crystal Pendant Necklace.

Handmade item
Raw stone
Closure: Lobster claw
Adjustable length

Description :

Record Keepers: Recognized by the horizontal striations that are believed to contain encoded information from ancient Lemurian times.

Healing and Energy Work: Known for its high vibrational frequency, making it suitable for energy work, healing, and meditation.

Connection to Lemurian Wisdom: Some believe Lemurian Quartz can help access ancient wisdom, promote past-life regression, and facilitate connections with spiritual guides.

Personal Growth and Manifestation: Used to amplify intentions, enhance clarity of purpose, and promote self-awareness.

Chakra Alignment: Associated with various chakras depending on the specific point, making it versatile for energy work.

  • Use and Placement:

  • Hold Lemurian Quartz during meditation to access its alleged encoded information and enhance spiritual growth.

  • Place it on specific chakras for balancing and alignment.

  • Use it for clearing and purifying energies in your space or other crystals.

  • Combine with other crystals for specific healing or spiritual purposes.

  • Cautions:

  • While Lemurian Quartz is valued for its metaphysical properties, these effects are not scientifically proven, and individual experiences may vary.

  • Use it with an open mind and a sense of personal exploration for spiritual and personal growth.

Lemurian Quartz is often treasured in the realm of metaphysical and energy work. It is believed to hold a unique connection to the ancient civilization of Lemuria and is used for various purposes, including healing, meditation, and spiritual development.

 Raw Lemurian Quartz and silver plated or gold plated metal

 Comes with a leather cord.

Cord has an adjustable end with a 5cm extension and lobster clasp.

The Cord is a max length of 45cm.

Your crystal may vary in shape and size as they are all different and made from mother earth. 

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